The herbal tea company 'An Teach Bán' may operate from a converted cottage near Ennis in County Clare but the owners have big plans for the business.

Sigrid Gilgan and Jean Reidy established ‘An Teach Bán Herbs and Spices Limited’ in 1986 in Newhall, near  in County Clare. The women blend the herbs and spices, make the teabags on a machine and then pack them into boxes designed by themselves and printed locally.

The range consists of 17 herbal teas and the women grow as many of the herbs as they can themselves, but even at this early stage they cannot grow sufficient to support their own needs.

While the business was set up for the export market, Sigrid Gilgan and Jean Reidy wanted to establish their products in Ireland first. Their herbal teas are now being sold all over Ireland and they will be attending the leading trade fair for food and beverages ‘Anuga’ in Cologne in Germany.

While herbal teas are often credited with all sorts of therapeutic and reviving benefits, the woman are not claiming their teas such can cure any illnesses or indeed provide men with any amorous properties. However if a woman requires a peaceful night,

I suggest that she slip her husband a nice cup of beddy-byes tea before he retires at night, and he’ll have a very sound sleep.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 July 1987. The reporter is Michael Walsh.