Not so long ago a visit to the little house at the bottom of the garden for many people was a ritual to be undertaken in a certain way. Today most people have indoor plumbing.

Unemployed carpenter Paddy Corbett from Coolbawn in Tipperary has taken an item from the past, the old fashioned wooden toilet seat, and made it the height of fashion.

With the help of a 'Start Your Own Business' course Paddy has obtained valuable sales, marketing, research and financial skills. Retailing at £35 each, his wooden toilet seats are more expensive than the £10 plastic ones. But by his reckoning he just needs 0.3% of the market to make a living.

Satisfied customer Nancy Murphy sings the praises of Paddy's wooden seats saying they are comfortable, warm, well-finished and fashionable. When asked if she fears getting a splinter from her wooden toilet seat, she replies

No I never thought about that, but then again if you consider a plastic toilet seat, if that cracks you're in trouble, I think the wooden one is more durable.

An RTÉ News report by Michael Walsh broadcast on 6 May 1986.