In the past 10 years 200 foreign based industries have been set up in Ireland. This is according to the programme 'Changing Face of Ireland: Wheels of Fortune' broadcast in 1965.

Its principal function is to bring about the establishment of new industry.

Dr. J.P. Beddy , Chairman of the IDA, speaks about the changing face of industry in Ireland and about the function and ambitions of the IDA, which has been in existence for almost 16 years. He continues to list examples of companies and industries, in which the IDA has played a role, including The Whitegate Oil Refinery, the National Board and Paper Mills, and Final Fabrics. 

The IDA sought to induce foreign industrialists

to help achieve their goals, and make connections with foreign markets. The inducements set out by the IDA consisted of grants, export tax relief, and the availability of workers. 

'Changing Face of Ireland: Wheels of Fortune' was broadcast on 9 March 1965.