A visit to one of the largest linen factories in Belfast.

While there are still poor working conditions in these factories the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union has campaigned for the rights of workers, who are predominantly women.

Nobody pretends that working in any branch of the textile industry is a bed of roses. The work is by its nature monotonous. The financial rewards can never be very great. 

Irish Secretary of the union Senator Norman Kennedy describes the work of his organisation and their achievements to date, including employees now being paid for "waiting time". Having worked in a linen factory himself for 20 years, Kennedy describes his working conditions as 

More like a jail than a place of work.

This episode of Discovery was presented by Tony Ross and narrated by Denis Meehan. This programme was broadcast on 12 November 1965.

'Discovery' was a documentary series broadcast on RTÉ between 1964 and 1967. Discovery, which first aired on Tuesday, 14 January 1964 touched on many aspects of Irish life with an occasional spotlight on events of particular interest.