Tralee, the capital of Kerry, one of the biggest county towns in Ireland and host to the internationally known Rose of Tralee Festival, is hoping to raise its profile further with the appointment of a mayor.

A mayor would add dignity and status to Tralee’s international image and give the town known so well outside of Ireland an equal status within the country. The people of Tralee are favourable to having a mayor but are not so enthusiastic about how much this new appointment could potentially cost.

Were paying enough for officials without paying for a mayor.

Secretary of the Festival of Kerry George Rice brought the need for a mayor to official attention and the Urban Council agreed with him.

Mr Rice is keen to stress that the Kerry Festival Committee does not have vested interests in the appointment of a mayor in Tralee and considers any extra expense that such a position may incur would be outweighed in benefits to the town.

For Tralee to have a mayor it needs borough status like Galway, Dún Laoghaire and Wexford. With a population of 12,000 this is possible, although a private Act of the Oireachtas would be required. So the decision on Tralee getting a mayor will depend on the good will of the Government in the long run.

A ‘Newsbeat’ report by Bill O’Herlihy broadcast on 18 January 1967.