Jayne Mansfield's show is cancelled after Kerry clergy protest at her proposed appearance at the Mount Brandon Hotel in Tralee.

A Sunday in April 1967, actress and sexual icon, Jayne Mansfield is due to perform at the Mount Brandon Hotel, Tralee. A letter from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Kerry sent to all churches has requested that people do not attend the show.

RTÉ's 'Newsbeat' programme was there to gauge reaction in the town and to talk to Jayne Mansfield on her arrival. Reporter Bill O'Herlihy asks the people of Tralee for their views on Jayne Mansfield's proposed visit to their town. One man says, "It doesn't seem right to my mind bringing an exponent of sex to a Catholic town." Another woman says that "It is much ado about nothing."

Just before the arrival of the actress, a statement is issued announcing the cancellation of the show. Hundreds turn out for Jayne Mansfield's arrival at the Mount Brandon Hotel despite the Roman Catholic Dean of Kerry appealing to "...the boys and girls of Tralee to dissociate themselves from this attempt to besmirch the name of our town for filthy gain".

Jayne Mansfield and her party head to a press conference through the hotel kitchens. "Owing to the controversy caused by the visit of Jayne Mansfield, the management of the Mount Brandon Hotel has decided to cancel her appearance," read an early statement from the hotel.

In the press conference Billy Clifford of the Mount Brandon lays the blame on musicians who have gone missing between Dublin and Tralee!

Reporter Bill O'Herlihy asks Jayne Mansfield what she makes of the Dean of Kerry calling her a "goddess of lust"?