Poet Brendan Kennelly pays tribute to the writer Christy Brown following his death at his home in England.

Christy Brown died at the age of 49 on 7 September 1981 at home in England. He is buried at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

Christy Brown (1932 - 1981) was a writer, painter and poet who had severe cerebral palsy. His autobiography ‘My Left Foot’ was published in 1954. The film version of ‘My Left Foot’ won Oscars for Daniel Day Lewis who played Christy Brown and for Brenda Fricker who played his mother.

RTÉ News reports his death and speaks to Brendan Kennelly Professor of Modern Literature at Trinity College Dublin who pays tribute to the author. Kennelly remembers Christy as a man who overcame many grave difficulties and as an artist.

He'll be remembered for his development from a rather sentimental writer as evidenced in 'My Left Foot', his autobiographical writing, to the rich, complex and wonderfully humorous writing of 'Down All the Days'.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 September 1981.