In 1989, Brenda Fricker became the first Irish actress to win an Oscar, earning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film 'My Left Foot'.

Just over a year later Michael Dwyer talks to Brenda about winning an Oscar for her portrayal of Christy Brown's mother in 'My Left Foot'. Brenda describes how she first heard of her Oscar nomination and the reaction of her father to the news.

You have just been nominated for an Oscar...
The nomination almost was more exciting than winning in a strange way.

'My Left Foot' received five Oscar nominations.

Describing the night of the awards Brenda says

It's like somebody knocking at the door and saying 'Do you want to come to the moon?'

She goes on to describe the pressure of receiving the award and being given just 45 seconds to react and thank everyone.

This episode of 'Freeze Frame' presented by Michael Dwyer was broadcast on 28 February 1991.

'Freeze Frame' was a Bridgetown production for RTÉ.