Members of the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra visit the Aran Islands as part of the 'Music for Schools' programme.

Students of Gairmscoil Éinne on Inis Mór were treated to a recital by members of the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra's brass quintet when they visited the island.

Some of the students even got to try out the brass instruments. Muiris Ó Flatharta, who was celebrating his thirteenth birthday, had a go at playing the tuba.

There's much more to blowing your own trumpet or tuba than meets the eye.

This was the first of two trips for the Orchestra in 1986. The second would be to Peking and Shanghai. In total over 50,000 students have been introduced to the world of classical music through the orchestra's programme of recitals.

Leader of the group Josef Csibi speaks to RTÉ News about how important these recitals are in stimulating an interest in classical music.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 April 1986. The reporter is Jim Fahy.