A leap year marriage proposal live on national radio.

According to a survey published in the Telegraph newspaper

Women who use leap year's day to propose to the man of their dreams have a 92% chance of success.

However, only 12% of the women surveyed said they would seriously consider popping the question.

Gay Byrne chats to one woman who takes advantage of this extra day in February, that comes just once every four years, to propose to the man of her dreams. Kathleen Barry, from Bantry in West Cork, who proposes to Donal Casey live on radio. Kathleen met Donal four years earlier and although she didn't fall in love at first sight, she says he was very charming and very romantic.

Repsonding to her proposal live on radio Donal says he would "definitely" like to marry her.

This episode of 'The Gay Byrne Show' was broadcast on 29 February 1996.