Is property in the south of France better value than in Ireland?

As property prices in Ireland rise people with money to spare are looking to the continent. A one room studio in Gandon Apartments in Dublin had recently gone on sale for £138,0000, while £90,000 would buy a studio apartment in Cap Martin in the south of France with a view of Monaco.

According to estate agent Aida Feriz, a French investment would increase by about 10% a year and quite a few Irish people were buying.

While a three bedroom apartment in Dublin's docklands would cost £1.5m, a triplex in Nice would cost half a million less and come with neighbours like Elton John. More spacious options included a villa priced at £720,000, located between Nice and Cannes, a 15-minute drive from the French Silicon Valley.

A few short years ago, owning a place like this would have been beyond most people's wildest dreams. Yet with Irish property prices going through the roof, these kind of places now seem like pretty good value.

An RTÉ News report from 3 November 2000. The reporter is Sean Whelan.