Dave Young sets out to spend forty four hours in a glass box hanging fifty feet above the River Liffey in Dublin.

Taking inspiration from illusionist David Blaine who spent forty four days without food in a glass box over the River Thames comedian Dave Young will spend forty four hours in a box over the River Liffey with all the food he wants.

The event was launched at Sir John Rogerson Quay with a blessing from Capuchin priest Brother Kevin. All the proceeds raised will be donated to the Capuchin Day Centre for the homeless. 

Fifty feet in the sky and I'm afraid of heights. This should be something.

To aid a fear of heights, hypnotist Paul Golden stepped in to help Dave Young. 

You are now a fish. As soon as you get into that tank of yours, you're going to be very very happy because you are a beautiful fish.

To help pass the time hanging out over the River Liffey Dave Young intends watching a few DVDs including Gone With The Wind. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 November 2003. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.