A final dry run for the new terminal at Dublin Airport.

A packed international airport, with flights destined for hot-spots across the globe and eager passengers ready to check-in. But this time, nobody is flying anywhere.

The 2,000 passengers being put through the full rigours of check-in and security of modern day air travel were volunteers taking part in the last dress rehearsal at Dublin Airport Terminal 2.

If all went smoothly the multi-million-euro building would be one step closer to flight operation. Brendan Daly Terminal 2 Operations Manager was delighted with the trial run saying

Apart from the odd hitches that you’d get in a normal operation such as an escalator or a check-in desk maybe going down, everything worked. And great buzz, passenger feedback said it was fantastic so it’s a great day and we are very confident for the opening.

To get the green light for operations, airport security must reach the highest international standards, and throughout the dress rehearsal, no exceptions were made. When Terminal 2 is open for business, the aim is to move passengers through security in no longer than seven minutes.

It was expensive, it has its critics, its viability is being questioned, but the fact is when Terminal 2 opens, supporters say it will be an impressive international gateway to Ireland.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 October 2010. The reporter is Ray Kennedy.