A group of cleaners from University College Dublin (UCD) occupied a room in the college's administration building for six days in protest at job losses.

The protesters agreed to end their sit-in when Pat Rabbitte, National Group Secretary of their union the ITGWU, assured them that there would be a formal application for a picket on UCD. The women were employed by Contract Cleaners, who had lost the UCD contract to two other firms. Only six of the 25 women had been offered work by one of the new suppliers, and at reduced working hours. Speaking to RTÉ News, shop-steward Marie Lenihan said: 

We've highlighted the situation in the contract cleaning business and how people like UCD, although they change contracts, shouldn't mean that they change workers, doesn't mean that we have to be thrown out.

UCD issued a statement saying they did not intend to pursue for damages, but condemned the sit-in calling it "unjustified, disruptive and costly".

Caroline Erskine reports for RTÉ News on 6 August 1985.