As the wall which has divided the city of Berlin for so long comes down thousands of people cross freely into West Germany.

After 28 years East Berliners are now free to travel across the border to West Berlin. For many, this is their first time in West Berlin and indeed anywhere outside East Berlin.

The East Berlin Communist party declared that East Germans would be free to leave the country, without permission or documentation, at any point along the border.

Maggie O'Kane reports for RTÉ News from Checkpoint Charlie at 3.00 am as East Berliners flocked through to West Berlin. 

They say they've never seen West Berlin and this is their first chance.

One West Berliner comments on his memories of people being shot for making the same journey. There are joyful scenes as East and West Berliners meet. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 November 1989. The reporter is Maggie O'Kane.