Documentary filmmaker and photographer David Shaw-Smith has produced over 138 television documentaries.

David Shaw-Smith began work with the new RTÉ television station in 1961 before setting out as an independent filmmaker where he continued to produce programmes for RTÉ. Among the productions David and his wife Sally made were the series ‘Hands’ and ‘Patterns’ which recorded the work of 40 traditional Irish crafts.

For over 20 years, the original film from David and Sally’s productions sat in tea chests stored in a barn in Creagh, Co Mayo. In March 2013 archivists, packed this film collection of 1,800 film cans into storage containers and brought them to the RTÉ Archives.

This short video shows the film and audio collections being taken from Co Mayo and placed in the RTÉ Archives and is inter-cut with footage from the series ‘Hands’.

It was photographed and edited by Jonathan Lambert of RTÉ Archives.