Phil Hogan talks to reporter Peter Cluskey following his resignation from government.

Having cleared his desk at the Department of Finance, just 24 hours after announcing his resignation, Phil Hogan talks to RTÉ reporter Peter Cluskey.

Opposition parties described Hogan as 'the fall guy' for a series of government budget leaks. Hogan tells Cluskey that he has no regrets about his decision to resign.  He comments that,

My only concern in all of this was to ensure that the integrity of the government was intact.

Hogan goes on to describe the Taoiseach as  

A very honest and decent man.

Ruari Quinn and Bertie Ahern also comment on the events. An Taoiseach, John Bruton, says that ministers in this new government are willing to accept responsibility for their actions and will not hide behind civil servants.

Phil Hogan now takes his place on the government backbenches.