Mike Murphy tests the patience of a Dundalk Butcher.

In the first episode of the series 'Murphy's Golden Movies', Mike Murphy takes a look back at hidden camera prank at a butcher shop in Dundalk. for 'The Live Mike'.

I arrived uninvited at Paddy Martin's Butcher Shop and proceeded to write on his window.

Disguised, Mike Murphy pretends to be a signwriter from the Dundalk Design Company and has been sent down to Martin's butcher shop by Mr Hughes to redesign the window. Paddy Martin threatens to call the Guards on the annoying signwriter.

If you go near that window again, I tell you, I'll have you arrested.

Mike Murphy admits that this was the first of many hidden camera occasions where he came close to getting a well-deserved knuckle sandwich.

'Murphy's Golden Movies' was broadcast on 2 October 1988. The presenter is Mike Murphy.

Murphy's Golden Movies was 11 half-hour programmes and a one-hour compilation of highlights with Mike Murphy presenting old home movies from the archives featuring himself, Fran Dempsey, Dermot Morgan and Twink (Adele King).