'The Likes of Mike' featuring a day in the life of presenter Mike Murphy.

Once rudely awoken by his alarm clock, ‘The Likes of Mike’ presenter Mike Murphy sluggishly gets out of bed. He works out using a chest expander, drops to the floor for some push-ups and then then washes his face. His chosen mode of transport to get him to RTÉ is a child's scooter. However en route to Donnybrook, he is stopped by a garda played by singer Des Smyth. In spite of his protestations, Mike is given a ticket for speeding in a 30 mile per hour zone.

After this delay, Mike finally reaches the RTÉ Televison Centre where he is joined by Gay Byrne, who is also travelling to work by scooter. The two men park their vehicles and head off together, deep in conversation.
'The Likes of Mike', presented by Mike Murphy, ran on RTÉ Television between 1972 and 1977. The  programme featured regular musical guests and comedy sketches.

This episode of ‘The Likes of Mike’ was broadcast on 2 November 1972. The footage shown here is mute.