An A-Z of the issues that concern family members the most.

Brigie de Courcy looks at some of the issues the television magazine programme 'Family Matters' might be covering over the course of the series.

She is on Grafton Street in Dublin,

Hoping to talk to some typical members of some typical families about the things and family matters that concern them most.

These people are more than willing to provide her with an A-Z of issues: adoption, babysitting, Cureheads, dads, ecstasy, finance, grannies, holidays, infants, jealousy, kitchens, love, mother, nightmares, Ouija boards, punk, quarrelling, role models, smacking, telltales, uncles, vandalism, washing up, xenophobia, yogurt and

Zoos, well we had to think of something beginning with Z didn’t we.

‘Family Matters’ looked at the changing face of Irish family life. It was presented by husband and wife team Sean O'Rourke and Caroline Murphy. The first episode of ‘Family Matters’ was broadcast on 7 October 1992. It ran for three series on RTÉ Television until 12 April 1995.

This episode of ‘Family Matters’ was first broadcast on 7 October 1992. The reporter is Brigie de Courcy.