Dublin Zoo needs space to expand if it is to have a future in its current location.

The Director of Dublin Zoo Peter Wilson says that the zoo has no future in its present form and must be allowed to expand if it is to survive. He estimates that the zoo needs another 40 acres of the Phoenix Park to accommodate this expansion.

Large animals need more space.

Dublin Zoo is currently 30 acres in size and 10 of this is water. Peter Wilson says that the zoo needs more space to cater for large animals. He believes that a bigger zoo would attract more visitors and that expanding into the Phoenix Park would be preferable to moving to a different location.

Peter Wilson also notes that Fota Wildlife Park in Cork has 70 acres and as the country's national zoo, Dublin Zoo should be provided with more space. He says that if Dublin Zoo had the same space as Fota that would satisfy the zoo’s requirements for the next 100 years. If additional space is not provided the financial viability of the zoo would be in serious question.

It would be much more expensive in the long term to move the whole zoo.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 April 1991. The reporter is Kathleen O’Meara.