What will a Dublin family do without television for two weeks?

The Behan family from Dublin talk about how much television means to them and how they think they will survive without it for a fortnight. As part of a study for 'Family Matters', the family have agreed to live without television for two weeks.

Phyllis, her husband Eamon and their three children Sinéad, Kenneth and Eamon discuss their television viewing habits. Phyllis says the television is on from first thing in the morning until last thing at night.

It very seldom goes off from about seven or eight in the morning, it would be on all day and even if there is nobody in the room, the television would still be on.

Kenneth’s favourite programmes are ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Neighbours’ and he is going to miss ‘Match of the Day‘ the most.

Without television to fall back on Sinéad says,

I’ll probably just go out and play, do my homework and read, or else my Dad might bring us out on a walk or do a model.

Her younger brother Eamon is not looking forward to being television free for a fortnight because,

I can’t watch anything, just sit there.

The family plan to make a model and have a 500 piece jigsaw to occupy their time. Phyllis is expecting the challenge to be tough and thinks once the novelty factor has worn off and the model is finished,

It might be very hard towards the end.

The very first episode of the RTÉ Television series on family 'Family Matters' was broadcast on 7 October 1992. It ran for three series until 12 April 1995.

This episode of 'Family Matters' was first broadcast on 27 January 1993. The reporter is Marie-Louise O'Donnell.