Challenging times for tourism with numbers of visitors to Kerry down on recent years.

The tourism season has been difficult in Kerry but there are some signs of recovery in the sector.

It does seem that tourists have been arriving in bigger numbers in Kerry than had been the case in the past few weeks.

Puck Fair has attracted tourists to the town of Killorglin this week and Kerry's biggest tourist destination Killarney has also seen an increase in visitors.

Earlier this year, hoteliers in the region had contacted their local action group to come up with a plan to counteract falling visitor numbers.

Liam Kelly, managing director of the International Hotel in Killarney, said that while some months performed well, visitor numbers fell in July. The numbers improved in August and he is optimistic about September. Liam Kelly says that the expectations for the tourist season were high given the growth in tourism to the region over the past three years. However, those expectations were not met this year.

The Cork Kerry tourism organisation responsible for overseeing tourism in the region maintains that there are more tourists than last season. The big expansion in the accommodation means that there still are not enough tourists to fill all available hotel rooms. While there may be more tourists, they are not spending as much money and often can not meet the prices sought.

One part of the tourism industry in difficulty is car hire. At the beginning of the year it was thought that there would not be enough rental cars available to meet demand. However, Jim Daly, manager at Killarney Autos, says that there has been a fall in the number of enquiries and bookings.

The people just didn't come.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 August 1992. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.