Music and fanfare greet the raising of a goat on a stand above the town of Killorglin at the annual Puck Fair.

In the Kerry town of Killorglin the ceremonial raising of King Puck marks the beginning of the annual event that is Puck Fair. A wild male goat is brought down from the mountains and crowned King Puck. For three days it sits in a small cage before being released back onto the mountains.

Michael Houlihan begins the ceremonial elevation of King Puck's throne.

The puck is raised 30 feet above the ground to the top of a platform. Michael Houlihan has performed the raising ceremony for 46 years and will pass on the honour to his sons to carry on the tradition.

As the puck reaches the top of the platform, the excitement levels in Kilorglin also rise.

King Puck is enthroned.

Addressing the crowd, the President of the Puck Fair Jack Dinny Con Sullivan declares the event officially open and welcomes visitors to the town for three days and three nights of festivities.

Continuing a tradition handed down to us for generations.

Recorded on 10 August 1948. The reporter is Seán Mac Réamoinn.

From the RTÉ Archives Acetate Disc Collection which has been digitised with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) Archiving Scheme.