The remains of three Irishmen serving in the British Army in India who in 1920 were involved in a mutiny are repatriated.

On 28 June 1920, five men from C Company of the 1st Battalion at Wellington Barracks, Jalandhar, Punjab decided to protest against the effects of martial law in Ireland by refusing to obey orders.  

They were joined in their protest by others and declared that they would not return to duty until British forces left Ireland.  

Led by Private James Daly from Tyrellspass County Westmeath, the protest spread to the Connaught Rangers company at Solon. Within days, both garrisons were occupied by loyal British troops. James Daly and his followers surrendered and were taken prisoner.  

Privates Peter Sears from County Mayo and Private Patrick Smythe from Drogheda died from gunshot wounds when the armoury at Wellington Barracks was stormed on 1 July 1920. 

Eighty eight mutineers were court martialed, nineteen men were sentenced to death (eighteen later had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment), fifty-nine were sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment, and ten were acquitted.  

Twenty-one-year-old James Daly was shot by a firing squad in Dagshai Prison on 2 November 1920. He was the last member of the British Armed Forces to be executed for mutiny. 

There were prayers in the church at Dublin Airport for the deceased following the arrival of their remains in Ireland. Among those in the congregation is William Coote, a survivor of the mutiny.  

The coffins were next taken to the Custom House, where from there a public procession takes place to the Church of Adam and Eve, Merchant's Quay. The Irish Transport and General Workers Band accompany the funeral cortege.  

The funerals of Peter Sears and Patrick Smythe took place at Glasnevin Cemetery the next day following requiem mass.  

James Daly's remains were transferred to the Catholic church in Tyrrellspass, County Westmeath, and interred in the local cemetery following requiem mass. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 October 1970. This report has natural sound only.