A new tourism initiative in county Fermanagh is attempting to attract gun sporting enthusiasts to the area to shoot wild goats.

The goats run wild at Lough Navar in county Fermanagh. The initiative is being backed by foresters in the area who claim that the goats are causing considerable damage to trees. A spokesman for the initiative comments on the positive response received by the initiative with bookings coming from Sweden. 

We concentrate basically on providing top quality trophies for the sportsmen to take home.

It is believed that there are approximately 200 wild goats roaming the hills and countryside of county Fermanagh. The attraction to hunters are the trophies they get to take home and the relative rarity of these wild goats.

While the goats may make a tempting proposition for sportsmen, it's doubtful if many people would have the stomach to look down the barrel of a gun and shoot such a docile looking target.

Game warden Jim Wilkinson says that you'd only have a 50/50 chance of tracking a wild goat saying

You may go for two days and see none

This report for 'Newsround' was broadcast on 22 February 1976.