'Folkland' met the Mumming Bands of Ederney, Co. Fermanagh in 1982

The Christmas tradition of mumming is the subject of a 1982 'Folkland' report. 

'Folkland' went in search of some of the mumming bands in Ederney, Co. Fermanagh. Seamas Ó Catháin goes to Fermanagh and Tyrone to find out more about this tradition.

Joe Maguire is one of the leaders of the Ederney Mummers and he introduces us to some of the main characters of the group.

The mummers include Jack Straw, Santa Claus, Dr. Brown, The Green Knight, Prince George, The Turkish Champion, Big Head, Fiddly Funny, and Cromwell,  amongst many others.

This episode of 'Folkland' was broadcast on 26 December 1982.

The accompanying photograph shows Blackwater Mummers at Enniscorthy Fleadh Ceoil (1967).