British Labour MP Paul Rose calls for electoral reform and the end to discrimination in Northern Ireland.

Three British Labour Members of Parliament (MPs), Paul Rose, Stanley Orme and Maurice Miller undertook a two day fact finding tour of Northern Ireland.

Following the visit they concluded it was time for a revision of the Government of Ireland Act 1920 and called for the setting-up of a Royal Commission into the operation of the Act.

Manchester MP Paul Rose wants electoral reform and the end of gerrymandering in Northern Ireland,

I want to see one man one vote.

He is also calling for the end of discrimination, and is demanding the same rights for the people in Northern Ireland as enjoyed by his constituents in Manchester.

Paul Rose was described by the Unionist papers as,

The most hated man in Ireland after the Pope.

This title does not disturb him,

I was only surprised that they said after the Pope.

On return to Westminster the three MPs will submit written reports to the Prime Minister Harold Wilson and the Home Secretary Roy Jenkins and they will push for these reports to be either implemented or discussed.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 April 1967. The reporter is Don McManus.