Civil rights campaigners set out to march from Strabane to Derry.

Eleven men from Strabane Civil Rights Association set out on a march from Strabane to Derry this morning. Led by Lawrence O’Kane and bearing placards, the group are walking the 14 miles to the city, in support of the Civil Rights campaign there.  A letter of protest is to be handed to the Mayor of Derry, William Beatty, upon reaching the Guildhall.  

Only eight of the marchers completed the journey, as the group was first verbally abused near Bready, with stones and potatoes being thrown at them, and then attacked by a hostile crowd at the village of Magheramason.  Three men were taken to hospital with injuries . 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 October 1968.  This footage is mute.