An increase in college fees at University College Dublin will hit ten thousand students.

The rising price of course fees have been blamed on inflation and government grants to colleges not keeping up with costs.

The increase in fees will mean that courses at University College Dublin (UCD) fort Arts, Commerce, Law and Social Science courses will go up by £26 a year to around £190. Science and Engineering courses will go up from £223 to £257. Medical students will have to pay an additional £41 taking the annual fees for medicine to £290.

Joseph MacHale of UCD says that the only alternative to rising fees is for the state to pay the entire cost of student education. Joseph MacHale says that it is not government policy to provide free education at third level.

UCD Student Union is opposing the increase in fees. Union President Charlie McNally says that students simply can not afford the increased fees. He points to the lack of summer employment for students as a contributing factor and says that many just will not be able to return to college next year due to the prohibitive fees.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 March 1977.