UCD awards honorary degree to porter who has been working at the college for over fifty years.

It is conferring day at University College Dublin (UCD) and a very special celebration for Head Porter Patrick Keogh who receives an honorary MA degree in recognition of his service. Patrick Keogh, who has worked as a porter at the college for over fifty years, receives his scroll to rapturous applause.

During his time at UCD Patrick Keogh has witnessed many conferring ceremonies he has especially fond memories of the day his son received his medical degree.

Patrick Keogh also recalls some of the many events of historic significance that have taken place at the college and the people he met along the way. These include the treaty debates of 1921 and the Eucharist Congress of 1932. He believes the most important aspect of his time at UCD has been his involvement with the students.

I would do it all over again. I got such pleasure out of it.

Now in his seventies, Patrick Keogh joined UCD in 1916. He was accompanied at the ceremony by his wife Margaret.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 July 1971.