The first Irish pub in China, O'Malleys, opens in Shanghai.

O'Malley's is the latest in over a thousand Irish theme bars to have opened across the world in the last five years.

It may be an Irish pub but the opening of O'Malley's was strictly Chinese style.

The Chinese dragons were out for the opening of the first Irish pub in China and the first barrels of Guinness were delivered by bicycle.

The Guinness is made in Malaysia and sells at £5 a pint, which maybe outside the price range of many Chinese people. For some of those in O'Mahony's Pub on opening night, it is the first time they have tasted the black stuff. The pub has received a warm welcome from Irish people living in China with one Irish man saying,

It just brings us a little bit closer to home.

The owner of O'Malley's is optimistic about the future of the bar and notes that of all the theme bars opening throughout the world, Irish bars are the most successful.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 January 1997. The reporter is Emma O'Kelly.