Julia Levis's pub in Ballydehob, County Cork.

Levis pub in the west Cork village of Ballydehob is run by sisters Julia and Nell Levis. One side of the premises is a pub, with a shop on the other side. From her vantage point behind the bar, owner Julia Levis sees and hears everything. During the evening,

I’d be chatting up all the customers you see.

Over the years many a patron has told Julia Levis their secrets after a few drinks. As well as being a good conversationalist, Julia Levis is also capable of handling the more rowdy customers. She has no difficulty physically ejecting them from the pub but,

I talk nice to them first.

As the day the pub fills entertainment is provided by Martina Kelly who plays the accordion against a backdrop of shelves laden with groceries.

This episode of 'Faces and Places’ was broadcast on 26 July 1986. The reporter is Kathleen Watkins.

Levis pub in Ballydehob, 1986