Game show panel challenged to identify the mystery guests behind a news story.

The premise of the programme 'Cover Story' is that the panel try to discover the identity of individuals by asking them questions to which they can only reply yes or no. The panel see just a silhouette of the mystery guests but the viewers at home get to see who they are trying to identify.

In this case the panel must try to identity of the man and his son who found the Derrynaflan Chalice. Their identity was one of the best kept secrets in recent times.

Michael Webb and his 16 year old son Mike, made what has been described as,

The archaeological find of the century.

The panel includes journalist Dermot Mullane, lawyer Paulyn Quinn, broadcaster Cathal O'Shannon and sports journalist Charlie Stewart. Against the clock the panel ask questions to ascertain the identity of the guest. The questions are wide and varied and with three seconds to spare the panel correctly identify them.

Would you be instantly recognised if we saw you in the street?

Did you discover something?

There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the discovery of the Derrynaflan Chalice. The archaeological establishment felt that Michael Webb and his son had no business digging things up. The pair made the discovery using a metal detector. When the detector buzzed, they started digging and discovered the chalice around two and a feet beneath the soil. The chalice is now with the National Museum of Ireland and should be on display in about a year.

This episode of 'Cover Story' was broadcast on 16 December 1981. The presenter is John Skehan.