Twelve hundred year old manuscript found in Tipperary bog.

An ancient manuscript was discovered on the Tipperary bog owned by brother Kevin and Patrick Leonard over the summer. Turf cutter Edward Fogarty said he knew it was something special when he discovered the leather bound manuscript in the bog.

Experts have described it as of staggering importance and the Irish equivalent of The Dead Sea Scrolls.

Informing the National Museum of their find, they told the museum that the writing on the book was similar to that of the Book of Kells.

There are just two photographs available of the Ancient Christian Book of Psalms taken when it was first discovered. The process of conservation of the book now means that access is restricted. Rolly Read, Head of Conservation at the National Museum of Ireland describes how the book is sensitive to light and temperature and therefore access to the manuscript is very restricted.

The conservation of the manuscript is expected to take three years and then will be open to the public at the Early Christian Gallery at the National Museum of Ireland.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 September 2006. The reporter is Deirdre McCarthy.