Aidan O'Brien based at Ballydoyle in Tipperary is an internationally renowned racehorse trainer.

Wexford born Aidan O'Brien began his professional life working as a stable lad for Paddy Mullins and Jim Bolger, impressing the latter so much that he became the assistant trainer for Bolger at Coolcullen.

In 1996 he became Ireland’s youngest ever Champion Trainer went to work at John Magnier’s Ballydoyle Stables in County Tipperary, following the retirement of legendary racehorse trainer Vincent O’Brien,

He quickly proved to be a flat race trainer of exceptional ability.

Now with an international reputation, Aidan O’Brien lives beside his place of work in Ballydoyle with his wife Annemarie and four young children. Modest to a fault he feels fortunate for where his life has taken him thus far,

Unbelievably lucky, thanks be to God.

Annemarie (née Crowley) describes Aidan O'Brien as someone who takes everything in his stride, is committed to his family, and works at being the best horse trainer that he can be,

He knows what every horse is thinking all the time, and how far he can go with him.

Summing up Aidan O’Brien’s calibre, broadcaster and racing commentator Des Scahill quotes a John Magnier comment in a recent Racing Post article,

I think in ten years’ time the same hat will still fit.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 November 2001. The reporter is Colm Murray.