North Kerry farmer Michael Barry is restoring part of the Lartigue Monorail at Lisselton.

Designed by Frenchman Charles Lartigue, this steam powered monorail was adopted as the mode of transport between Ballybunion and Listowel in County Kerry. The system operated between 1888 and 1924.
The last journey on it was made on 14 October 1924. It then fell into disuse and decay.

Rather than bemoaning the demise of the monorail, north Kerry farmer Michael Barry is doing something about it. Half way along the route of the line at Lisselton, he is rebuilding as much of the Lartigue Monorail as possible. His initial idea was to restore three trestles to support the rail, however with the assistance of some publicity for his project, the plan now is to restore 12 trestles,

That will make it look very respectable, along with one passenger carriage.

Since Michael Barry started his restoration campaign, people from all over the country have been sending him pieces of the original Lartigue Monorail. The Lartigue line was 9 miles long but the original bits recovered,

Spread about five miles above and below the original line.

Michael Barry has located nearly enough rail for his project. He also has two wheels and expects to find four more,

That will do for my carriage.

Michael Barry encourages anyone else thinking of restoring part of the line to do so in the hope that one day the Lartigue Monorail might run again.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 August 1976. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.