Cattle, knitwear and farm produce are in competition at the Meenacross Agricultural Society Fair in Donegal.

The 26th Annual Meenacross Fair takes place on the outskirts of Dungloe in County Donegal. Agricultural Society secretary Terence Bonner explains the fair begin in 1960 to fill a specific need,

There were fairs everywhere else and we didn't have anything here.

Despite the poor weather conditions, judging of cattle, sheep and horses is taking place. Inside the community centre, competition is equally fierce as a variety of farm home produce and knitwear and handcrafts vie for the judges’ attention. Evening activities include novelty events such as tug of war and throwing the sheaf. There is even the promise of dancing.

Brigid Green is a regular attendee at the Meannacross Fair. She has travelled all the way from Arranmore, bringing with her a homemade apple tart and a hand-knitted Aran jacket. She cannot estimate how long it took to make the jacket, but knows she can knit a sock from start to finish in one evening.

Brigid Green is not really bothered about winning a prize,

I don’t care, I don’t mind as long as I get out here today.

This sentiment is echoed among the other attendees using the fair as a opportunity to get together with friends and neighbours.

This episode of 'Faces and Places’ was broadcast on 9 August 1986. The presenter is Kathleen Watkins.