Housewives return to education and sit the Leaving Certificate examination in Bray.

Women from Bray and the surrounding area have taken advantage of the opportunity to go back to school and do the Leaving Certificate.

An unusual group of students are just finishing their Leaving Certificate examinations.

Along with doing the housework, minding children and cooking the dinner, these women also attended classes at the VEC in Bray where they have just completed their exams. Bray VEC organised a crèche for them to leave their children in while they studied for five Leaving Certificate examinations. The women attended school from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm five days a week. Some chose to do additional subjects alongside English, Irish, Maths, History and Business Organisation.

Some of the women explain why they grasped this second chance at education.

I really did it for my own satisfaction.

Finding the time to study was one of the biggest challenges for these busy women.

Adult Education Officer at Bray VEC Brian McDermot identified time management as the biggest challenge facing the women as they tried to find a balance between their home life and their education and the logistics of looking after children. Despite the challenges, Brian McDermot says that the women were very motivated to succeed.

Study for an adult is different completely.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 June 1981.