Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam perform 'My Elusive Dreams' at the National Stadium in Dublin.

As part of the ‘On Stage at the Stadium’ series, Irish country music singer Ray Lyman, backed by the Hillbillies is recorded in front of a live audience at the National Stadium in Dublin.

Ray Lynam is a popular artist in Ireland. He has also performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. He is joined on stage by Philomena Begley to perform the duet ‘My Elusive Dreams’.

‘My Elusive Dreams’ is written by Billy Sherrill and Curly Putman. It was first recorded and released by Curley Putman in 1967. Since then it has been recorded by numerous artists including David Houston and Tammy Wynette, and Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. Ray Lynam And Philomena Begley released their version of ‘My Elusive Dreams’ in 1974.

This episode of ‘On Stage at the Stadium’ was broadcast on 28 June 1976. It was recorded on 11 December 1975. The programme was directed and produced by Ian McGarry.