What makes Daniel O'Donnell appeal to so many? Fans of the singer describe the attraction while the man himself tries to explain his popularity.

As Daniel O'Connell performs 'Stand Beside Me' at a concert in Newmarket, County Cork Eithne Hand talks to some of his predominantly but not exclusively female adoring fans. 

He comes down every night after his performance and speaks to people.

I like his nice melodious voice.

I think he enjoys the audience very much.

The Donegal star talks about the success of his last album which sold 100,000 copies in Ireland and the UK.  For Daniel, the success is just an added bonus to doing something that he enjoys so much.

Success is something that I don't think much about.

On the subject of being a big hit with the girls, this is not something that Daniel thinks much about either. 

On his future aspirations, Daniel says,

I'd love to be on Top of the Pops, dry ice and smoke and all the rest. If you get the right song, you can do it.

This episode of 'Borderline' was broadcast on 2 February 1988. The reporter is Eithne Hand.

'Borderline' was first broadcast on Saturday 11 October 1986 and was presented by Aonghus McAnally, Ronan Johnston, and Majella Nolan. 

The Saturday morning teenage programme featured bands, newcomers getting their first break and the latest in pop videos, fashion, film and video making. The programme also featured a live phone in, celebrity guests and a participating studio audience.