Wicklow County Council purchased a new fire engine for Greystones, but there is nowhere suitable to keep it.

The Greystones Brigade of the Wicklow County Fire Services has been waiting for a new fire engine for the past nine months. Their current vehicle has been in service for the past eighteen years and is no longer suitable for the area which has a population of approximately nine thousand people.  

The new machine which is currently parked outdoors at the Wicklow town fire station cannot be used by the Greystones Brigade because their current fire station is not suitable for it to be housed in.

Wicklow County Secretary Brian Johnston explains that a problem arose when two new engines were ordered and arrived in advance of their expected delivery date. It is being used as a backup engine for the Wicklow and Arklow brigades, and as is only four minutes drive from Greystones, it can be called upon when needed. 

Local councillors have appealed to Wcklow County Council for a plan to construct a full-time fire station in Greystones, but according to councillor George Jones,  

Because of constraints of finance this is not being provided.

Given these constraints, the Council has said they will grant permission to erect a Nissen hut in the town. Until that structure is in place the citizens of Greystones have been asked for somewhere to house the engine on a temporary basis. The response has been underwhelming says Brian Johnston, 

We have advertised extensively...with no response bar one."

Have the councillors' expectations for housing the new vehicle in Greystones been unrealistic?  

What is important now is that a temporary building should be constructed as soon as possible, says George Jones, and  

Let Greystones have the services of an adequate appliance for the area.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 February 1981. The reporter is Peter McNiff.