Dave Fanning describes how he got into broadcasting and talks about tastes in rock music.

While Dave Fanning has won many awards throughout his career as a DJ, he was stunned to win the IRMA Award.

He is to rock as Larry Gogan is to pop. He's the expert’s expert. He’s the critic’s critic. He’s the man who launched the career of U2.

As the youngest of six children, Dave Fanning had many musical influences from what his siblings were listening to. His early days with Scene magazine and pirate radio led him to join Radio 2 (now 2FM) when it started in 1979.

On the controversy surrounding Sinéad O'Connor swearing on live television at the IRMA Awards, he says rock musicians should have an edge, something to annoy the older generation.  The discussion with Pat Kenny includes BP Fallon, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton Van Morrison , and whether you are ever too old for rock and roll.

On his nightly radio show, Dave Fanning chooses the music he wants to play, music he likes.

If I play something on the radio that might feel like white noise to some people, it’s not that way to me. It’s a lot more than that.

This episode of 'Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 9 February 1991. The presenter is Pat Kenny.