Larry Gogan recalls his career in broadcasting and some favourite Just A Minute Quiz answers.

Fresh from the IRMA Milk Music Awards at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, DJ Larry Gogan is a guest on the Late Late Show where he talks to his colleague and friend Gay Byrne about his career to date.

Larry Gogan was given an award for his outstanding contribution to the music industry in Ireland through his work on the airwaves.

Longtime friends, Gay Byrne and Larry Gogan first met as young thespians playing brothers in the play 'The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker' at the Olympia Theatre

Growing up in Fairview the Gogan family owned a newsagent. However, Larry Gogan was not destined to work in the family business and from an early age had his sights set on a career as a disc jockey. 

I always had this one ambition to be a disc jockey.

Larry Gogan got his first break on radio performing on a sponsored programme for Cussons soaps. He later went on to cover for Gay Byrne on a radio programme called 'The 17 Club' and on television on 'Pick of the Pops', opportunities which helped to give his career the boost it needed.

Long associated with the 'Just a Minute Quiz' Larry Gogan talks about the unusual responses to questions from contestants including The Great Wall of Crumlin.

Academic and writer Augustine (Gus) Martin, also a guest on the show, has a very different view on modern pop music to Larry Gogan. For Gus, much of the music now played on radio lacks tune and melody, a view which Larry refutes.

There are some great groups around and some very good sounds.

Unknown to many, Larry Gogan also released a hit record of his own, 'Irish Showband Hits', which he claims reached number one in the Liffey Street chart.

Callers to the show compliment Larry Gogan on his youthful looks and look for advice on becoming a successful DJ.

This episode of 'The Late Late Show' was broadcast on 13 March 1987. The presenter is Gay Byrne.