Astronaut and scientist Don Lind shares his experience of working in space.

While on a visit to Ireland Don Lind provided the commentary on the live Atlantis space walk for RTÉ News.

Today's spacewalk was one of the most important tests yet of America’s ability to build a space station.

Don Lind describes the process as Sherwood (Woody) Spring and Jerry Ross assemble a truss structure to support the construction of the space station. Commending their work, he jokes about it being similar to assembling children’s toys on Christmas Eve. He describes the sensation that the astronauts are feeling right now as they go about their work based on his experience in space. There is nothing to give the astronauts any sense of motion.

He describes the space suits as uncomfortable to work in but necessary for survival. What appears to be a simple task can be challenging.

Intellectually, you know that you’re moving at 17,500 miles an hour but your impression is that the earth is just rolling below you.

Astronaut Don Lind was in Ireland to meet with members of the Mormon Church. Don Lind was the Payload Commander on his only flight on Space Shuttle Challenger launched on April 29, 1985.

An RTÉ News reports on 30 November 1985.  The reporter is Leo Enright.