Sister Bernadette Bergin demonstrates her coffee making skills on 'The Late Late Show'.

A member of the Saint John of God Order, Sister Bernadette Bergin is in charge of the catering department at Saint Columba’s Hospital in Thomastown, County Kilkenny.

In the 1990s Sister Bernadette worked at the Irish College in Rome where she learned to prepare and serve espresso-based coffee drinks.

Cappuccino was my favourite one.

Using an Italian Brasilia espresso coffee machine, the barista skills Sister Bernadette acquired in Rome come flooding back as she makes Pat Kenny a cappuccino.

Sister Bernadette froths the milk, making sure it does not boil. She adds some chocolate to the espresso to bring sweetness to the coffee and then she pours in the foam milk. Finally she shakes some more chocolate on top. Pat Kenny samples her divine creation,

Delicious, that’s very nice.

Sister Bernadette is entering the Brasilia Barista of the Year contest sponsored by Robert Roberts. Her main aim for entering the competition is to win a coffee machine for Saint Columba’s Hospital. However she does not need to wait for the competition,

This is your machine, you’re taking this, you don’t have to compete at all. 

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 20 October 2000. The presenter is Pat Kenny.