Sister Candida an Indian nun surprises the Late Late Show audience with her modern views on religious life.

A native of Bangalore in India and a member of the Carmelite order, Sister Candida teaches English and religion at a school in New Delhi. In Ireland she is studying communications and television production at the Radharc Communications Centre.

She left her boyfriend to enter the convent ten years ago but Sister Candida has no regrets about her vocation. In response to a question from a member of the studio audience regarding unwanted male attention, she maintains it would not be an issue for her when working in the community, as 

It is an excellent chance to be in sari and yet show you are a nun.

Sister Candida would like to see some changes for women in religious life however, such as the option for nuns not to wear habits, 

We must get into sari, be one with the others, and yet remain dedicated and consecrated.

In addition to being patriotic and independent thinker, Sister Candida has had experience of activism, having led a strike in her university during the Liberation of Goa, 

I love my country very much, and I think my country loves me too.

Gay Byrne is surprised to hear that she is still friends with her former boyfriend after all this time,

How about that for ecumenism or forgiveness.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 6 December 1969. The presenter is Gay Byrne.