A nun plans to swim in the icy sea on Christmas Day to raise funds for St Josephs Special School in Waterford.

Sister Mairead Buckley, Principal of St Joseph’s Special School in Waterford is no stranger to competition as she previously took part in the ‘Nun Run’ horse race.

This time, she plans to undertake a sponsored Christmas Day dip in the sea at Kilmurrin Cove in County Waterford. St Joseph’s Special School is suffering the effects of budget cuts, and to keep the school going, parents must fundraise £13,000 annually. Sister Mairead’s icy plunge is expected to raise at least £5,000.

Prepared to do whatever it takes for the welfare of her pupils Sister Mairead Buckley is not at all concerned about decorum.

It’s most invigorating, most refreshing, ye have never lived if you haven’t swum in the month of December.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 December 1988. The reporter is Michael Ryan.