The garda station in Ballinderry, County Tipperary is under siege from a colony of bats.

Gardaí in Ballinderry, north Tipperary are trying to deal with intruders who have taken over their garda station. The 300 year old building is normally open for an hour a day. During this time gardaí deal with normal policing queries while also contending with a colony of bats that have made the station their home.

Many of the bats have died in the building, there are 28 dead bats in the basement sink alone, but others have fled the scene. Superintendent James Fitzgerald says the bats first appeared in 1999 and they stay from June until September.

There may be over 100 bats in the building but An Garda Síochána can do nothing about their seasonal visitors as bats are protected by law under the Wildlife Act 1976 and subsequent amendments. 

So we're not in a position to disturb them or were not in a position to put them out forcibly.

The situation will be reviewed in September but the Garda Representative Association says there needs to be a new station building in Ballinderry.

For now though, the bats live on.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 August 2000. The reporter is Damien Tiernan.