Children give their views on the role of An Garda Siochána the Irish police force.

Twink asks school children for their opinions on the job of the Gardaí, women Gardaí and whether or not they would like to do the job.

The children's views of who the Gardaí are and what they actually do are varied. 

Some of them are culchies.

Make up laws in one half of the day and then go out and break them all themselves.

Going around catching people robbing and if they don't do that, they're going around and they're going into pubs on the sly.

They go around breaking speed limits.

It would be rather fun to be a Gardaí. You could break all the laws and never get arrested.

This episode of 'The Live Mike' was broadcast on 25 January 1980. The reporter is Twink (Adele King).

‘The Live Mike’ first aired on RTÉ 1 on 9 November 1979 and was billed as an hourly, Friday night programme of comment, entertainment and surprises. The programme also contained a candid-camera slot in which Mike Murphy and his team took on many disguises.